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.CO’s Icons and Innovators: Yijia Chen



.CO’s Icons and Innovators: Yijia Chen 陈一佳

Who is Yijia?


答:大家好,我是陈一佳,是路透社北美地区唯一华人财经女主播、三橙传媒的创始人兼CEO。三橙传媒制作推出了一系列精品节目,包括《创业美国》、《一佳时间》、《一佳之言》、《美帝豪宅圈》 等视频节目。目前我们第五季的《创业美国》正在热播中。

A: I am Yijia Chen, a bilingual financial TV reporter with Reuters. I am also the founder and CEO of OX3 Production Corp. OX3 Productions Corp is a creativity-driven New York City-based media production company. We have created many interesting shows, such as Startups Made in the USA and Yijia’s Time. The 5th season of Startups Made in the USA, which is the first overseas talk show broadcasted in China that focuses on overseas entrepreneurs’ stories, is on the air now. Read More >

.CO’s Icons and Innovators: Vera Wang


Who is Vera Wang?

I am Vera Wang, a Chinese fashion blogger living in New York City. I write my blog on WeChat and many other social media platforms, sharing my fashion style and my experiences in NYC. Recently, I started my own fashion management company with a mission of helping more Chinese designers and fashion brands to expand their influence in the U.S.A. My goal for this year is to be a successful entrepreneur.

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.CO’s Icons and Innovators: Vicky Law


CO Icons & Innovators_Vicky law

Who is Vicky Law?

I am Vicky Law, a serial entrepreneur, who is always on the road. I am also a mother of three children. I am a beauty trainer, makeup artist and perfumer. Currently, I own and manage four brands: Perfect Bride, a one-stop wedding service company, Vimage Beauty Academy, a beauty school, PB Cosmetic, a cosmetic product brand, and V’s fragrance secret, a hand-made perfume business.

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.CO Icons & Innovators: Natalie Kaminski & Ksenia Bolobine



Removing your belt and shoes at the airport gobaby-1TSA checkpoint has always been a hassle. Now, imagine traveling with a family, all the usual TSA fun plus baby gear, a stroller, car seat, diaper bag, and the baby! Before you panic, the solution is here: introducing

Founder and mother, Natalie Kaminski was planning a trip with her new daughter when she found herself with a real problem; she needed a short-term solution for a baby seat for their travels. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find a single place where she could borrow or rent gear for the trip and packing baby gear is a huge inconvenience. Read More >

.CO Icons & Innovators: Kay Koplovitz


The .CO Icons & Innovators Series showcases interviews with the big thinkers, crazy dreamers, rule breakers and risk takers who spend their days breaking through boundaries, creating new possibilities, and transforming current realities to build the future online – on .CO, of course!

Who is Kay Koplovitz?

Kay Koplovitz is Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Springboard Growth Capital and the Co-founder and Chairman of Springboard Enterprises., a non-profit venture catalyst that has foster the investment of more than $7.4 billion in women-led firms. She is a seasoned investor and advisor to companies through all stages of growth. Koplovitz is the founder and former Chairman & CEO of USA Networks, which includes USA Network, the Sci-Fi Channel, and USA Networks International – today multi-billion dollar television cable television networks.  She founded and led the company for 21 years before stepping down in 1998, at which time it was sold for $4.5 billion.

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