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Does your business originate shipments in the US using FedEx or UPS? Did you know that if you shipment arrives late, even by one minute, you are entitled to a full refund?

71lbs is a set-it-and-forget-it service that monitors your shipments and automatically obtains refunds for you when eligible.

There is never any fee to use 71 lbs. We do all the work and split your refund with you 50/50. For your first month, you will keep 100% of your refund.

How it works:

1. Provide us your shipping credentials

Input your fedex.com and/or ups.com credentials. You do nothing else. Takes you 45 seconds.

2. We monitor your shipments

Our system runs compliance of your shipments vs. the guaranteed time commitments.

3. We notify you of your approved refunds

We ensure FedEx & UPS credit you back. If you don't save money, you don't pay.

71lbs is a software company with a "set-and-forget" system that allows our customers to easily and automatically collect late-shipment refunds owed to them via the FedEx & UPS money-back-guarantee.

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