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Ubiq is a hot new tool built by former data analyst Sreeram Srinivasan, that makes it really easy to explore data in your database (MySQL SQL Server & AWS Servers).

With Ubiq you can quickly identify sales trends, understand user activity, analyze product usage in real-time, using easy-breezy drag & drop fields, drop-dead gorgeous charts and graphs that will have your data geek pals drooling!

We tried it out at .CO HQs Miami and we can vouch for the fact that it can be used for any kind of data in your databases or on any site! You define the fields, choose your graph and querying period and BOOM! Real-time actionable intelligence at your fingertips!

If ever there were a swiss army knife for your data folks, this would be it! Perfect for startups with limited development resource!

This offer gives .CO-ers access to a limited, exclusive 90-day extended free trial of Ubiq with full functionality!

So what are you waiting for? Understand your data better...Grow your business faster....Simplify your analytics today!

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