Get Started as a .CO Reseller

To get started selling .CO domain names today as a .CO Reseller, please contact any .CO Accredited Registrar or Reseller that supports additional resellers or get a personalized introduction from the .CO Team to your provider of choice.

Why sell .CO?
  1. It's short, memorable & SEO-friendly
  2. It has special perks and benefits
  3. It's used all over the world by startups, big brands, and businesses
Who sells .CO

How It Works

  • Step 1 - Contact

    Contact one of our .CO Accredited Registrars (or their reseller Partners) to find the best fit for your business needs

  • Step 2 - Signup

    Signup with your registrar of choice to implement .CO domain names into your products and services

  • Step 3 - Start selling!

    Get Access to .CO marketing assets to make your .CO sales really shine and create happy customers

Get Started

Contact one of our .CO Accredited Registrars that provides reseller services to get more information on becoming a .CO Reseller and offering .CO domain names to your customers.

There are many more providers from whom you can sell .CO domain names. If you do not see your preferred provider or want more options, contact us and we can help.

More Questions?

We’ve got answers! Please contact us today if you’re interested in becoming a Reseller or Accredited Registrar. If you have more questions, check out our FAQ.

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