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The Quickie About .CO

What is .CO (Talking Points)

Being quick on your feet is a part of the #startuplife, so here are a few key things to remember when talking about .CO:

  • .CO is the web address for big ideas
  • .CO has short, memorable and SEO-friendly domains available
  • Over 1.5MM .CO web addresses have been registered
  • Join others like Twitter (, Google (, 500 Startups ( and be one of many companies, brands and startups using .CO

.CO Tips & Tricks logo is a site built especially for startups to quickly name their startup based on available domain names. With this tool, they can get the name out of the way and concentrate on everything else!
#startuplife logo

This popular hashtag is not only a social trend, it's a shared experience that captures the spirit and energy of everything .CO stands for. Attaching the #startuplife to your event's hash will make sure it reaches an even broader audience.

Check out the #startuplife action.

Tools & Resources

Eye Candy - Posters

Get your crowd inspired with custom signage. Our original illustrations and messaging can transform any room or meetup into an experience of the #startuplife. Sizes 8.x5"x11" & 24"x36"

PPT Slides

Whether it's between-session messaging or shareable content, our .CO #startuplife images help set the mood and get people talking.

#StartupLife Videos

If you're looking for a way to share .CO success stories with attendees, introduce them Tony and Neil. These innovators are living proof that the #startuplife means never settling.