Domain Name System Security Extensions

As part of our commitment to proactively combat domain name abuse; and to make .CO one of the safest, most secure domain extensions on the Internet, we are excited to implement DNSSEC within the .CO zone.

DNSSEC is a suite of technical specifications for securing certain kinds of information provided by the Domain Name System (DNS) and intended to protect Internet users from certain types of malicious risks and attacks.

Among other things, DNSSEC introduces digital signatures to the DNS infrastructure to help combat against impersonation attacks, data integrity attacks, and the risk of users being diverted to any unintended or unsafe websites. With the technical upgrade implemented, DNSSEC will automatically signal that users have been directed to the precise websites they intended to reach – mitigating the risk that they will be unwittingly “hijacked” and misdirected to sites that may put their safety and security in jeopardy.

Please access our DNSSEC Tools & Resources for more information on the technical and educational aspects of DNSSEC.

Introductory guide and resource for basic information regarding DNSSEC (Download PDF)

Internet users are bombarded by a multitude of threats to their online safety every day. From fraudulent product sites to identity theft and beyond, individuals are more and more concerned for their online security. Since the bad guys continue to find even more complex and sophisticated ways to operate, it’s imperative that we strengthen our Domain Name System (DNS) along with our individual websites in order to provide a safe online experience through every step of Internet experience.


The DNSSEC Practice Statement summarizes the policy, practices and procedures used to sign and manage the .CO zone (Download PDF)

A DNSSEC Practice Statement provides a means for stakeholders to evaluate the strength and security of the DNSSEC chain of trust. This DNSSEC Practice Statement is intended to provide high-level information on how we implement DNSSEC for the .CO zone. It defines the technical and operational procedures and parameters used for the management of DNSSEC.

Do you have questions regarding DNSSEC? Please go to our DNSSEC FAQs

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