There are many websites and tutorials available to learn more about the importance of DNSSEC. We have captured some of that information here to provide you with a starting point to your DNSSEC Education.

DNSSEC is a set of DNS extensions which provide 3 basic functions:

  • Data Origin Authentication - assures that data is received from the authorized DNS server; can protect from impersonation attacks
  • Data Integrity - assures that data received matches data on the origin DNS server, and is not modified during transit; protects from man-in-the-middle type pollution attacks.
  • Authenticated Denial of Existence - assures that a "Non-existent" response is valid.

DNSSEC Technical Information and Documentation

The following "Request for Comments" (RFCs) defines the technical core of DNSSEC specifications.

  • RFC 4033: DNS Security Introduction and Requirements
  • RFC 4034: Resource Records for the DNS Security Extensions
  • RFC 4035: Protocol Modifications for the DNS Security Extensions
  • RFC 4641: DNSSEC Operational Practices
  • RFC 5155: Introduces an alternative resource record, NSEC3, which provides additional measures against zone enumeration and permits gradual expansion of delegation-centric zones.
  • RFC 5910: Domain Name System (DNS) Security Extensions Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)

Tutorials & Research:

Please see these additional resources for research, webinars, videos and technical information on the implementation and further education of DNSSEC:

Should you have any questions on the information provided or require further assistance, please contact DNSSEC@go.co.

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