A Premium Domain Name is a high value web address that has been reserved by the .CO Registry for future sale or auction.

There are a number of names that have not been made available to the public for a variety of reasons. .CO Internet has established business policies and procedures around these names in accordance with international best practices. There are three types of name lists that have been withheld from general availability within the .CO namespace:

  • Premium Domain List: The Premium Domain List generally consists of names reserved by .CO Internet S.A.S. for future sale via public or private auction and/or privately negotiated transactions, including single and double character names, keywords and generic terms.
  • Restricted Domain List: The Restricted Domain List generally consists of names stipulated by the Colombian Government as restricted and not available for registration.
  • Reserved Domain List: The Reserved Domain List generally consists of names reserved by .CO Internet S.A.S. for promotional and/or other strategic purposes, and/or for its or its affiliates’ internal use.

The .CO registry has not published a publicly available list of all the Premium and Reserved domain names. The Restricted Domain List is accessible here (PDF).

To check the availability of a particular desired .CO domain name, please go to go.co/register. If the domain is part of the Premium Names list, it will be noted there; just fill out the form on the page to enquire about the name.

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