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    A .CO premium domain name is a web address that has a higher than standard price to reflect its relative value in the marketplace. Premium domain names may include, among other things, names such as one, two and three-character domain names, popular keyword domains, brandable domains, and generic term domains that are in high demand. Premium domain names are generally those that can be used by many different people for many different reasons.


    .CO will be positioned as a premium domain name space, available through a select list of registrars and their resellers that are committed to the proper development of the domain. Great attention is being placed on the marketing of .CO as a short, memorable, SEO-friendly and global domain name; and we look to our registrar and reseller partners to be aligned with that goal.

    Please check with your preferred domain name provider to register your .CO today. If you do not have a preferred provider, you may search for your ideal .CO domain and register from one of our suggested providers.


    Since the global launch of the .CO domain name in 2010, the .CO Registry has offered a subset of its most valuable premium domains to the public. Historically, .CO premium domains were available only by personally contacting the .CO Registry or through one of a select number of reputable aftermarket providers. As online sales technologies and domain sales strategies have advanced, the .CO Registry began to expand the manner in which premium domains could be distributed.

    As of August, 2015, the .CO Registry implemented a new pricing strategy to allow premium priced domain names to be marketed and sold directly through the retail distribution network -- exactly the same way as standard priced domain names have always been made available. Unlike the past where most premium priced domains had no common, structured approach to sales platforms or pricing, today consumers can quickly and easily purchase premium .CO domain names directly from their preferred providers on the domain registration platforms they are most comfortable using.


    Registering a .CO premium domain name is exactly like registering any standard domain name from your preferred .CO domain retailer. To find your ideal .CO web address, you can search on our site, go to your preferred domain retailer (for example, GoDaddy, Name.com, Domain.com, etc.), put the available premium domain name in your shopping cart and pay for it.

    Please note that a small subset of .CO premium domain names have been reserved by the .CO Registry for future sale via public or private auction or negotiated sale through brokers or aftermarket providers. If, your ideal .CO domain is part of this special “Super Premium Name” list, it will be noted during your search. Then, just fill out the form on the page to inquire about the name


    Whatever premium price you may have initially paid to register your .CO premium domain name, your annual renewal fee will be the “standard” renewal fee charged for all .CO domain names. Please check with your preferred domain retailer for details, as fees may differ according to each retailer’s individual pricing policies and practices.


    The domain name market has evolved substantially since the early days of the Internet and the .CO Registry has evolved its namespace accordingly. As the market for domain names has grown, it has become increasingly clear that not all domain names are of equal value. Just as with real estate, stocks, or any other asset class - domain names can and do have different levels of value.

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