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Bing Ads is a service that provides pay per click advertising or search engine marketing on both the Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Bing Ads

Reach the best customers. Customers use the Yahoo Bing Network every day to search for theproducts and services they need. Search engine marketing (SEM) helps connect you with thesecustomers to grow your business. If you’re already using Google AdWords, you can broaden your reach with Bing Ads – our tools make it easy to import existing SEM campaigns.

Reach more customers. Bing Ads helps you reach up to 158 million unique searchers on the Yahoo Bing Network, (1) Putting your ads in front of them can help you get more clicks and more sales.

See your ads appear on the Yahoo Bing Network. Your ads may appear next to search results on the Yahoo Bing Network when people search using your keywords. The best part? You pay only when customers click on your ad, plus you’re in control – of how much you pay, what your ad says, and where it could be seen by millions of potential customers.

Import your existing campaigns with one easy click or create new ones with Bing Ads. Already using Google AdWords? Import your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to Bing Ads with just a few clicks using our tools. Or, create a brand-new campaign. First, choose keywords relevant to your business so that your ad will be shown in search results when customers search for your product or service. Next, create an ad that communicates your business offering in a way that’s designed to attract the most relevant searchers. Our tutorials will help you get started or get free coaching to plan, create, and improve your ads.

Build on what works. Bing Ads offers resources that help boost ad performance and reduce the amount of time you spend managing your search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. Use our tools to find out which ads are working best and how to optimize your campaigns.

*Offer Details. Offer expires June 30, 2015 (midnight Pacific Time), and applies only to advertisers opening a new Bing Ads account; a new Bing Ads account is one that has been openfewer than 30 days prior to the date of coupon redemption. Ads must be stopped after $50 ad credit is used up or within 90 days from coupon redemption, whichever comes first, or your credit card will be charged for advertising clicks. It is the sole responsibility of advertisers to monitor their Bing Ads accounts. Limit: one ad credit per new advertiser. Offer valid only to residents of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C. A form of payment must be entered into your account at the time this coupon is being redeemed and prior to your account going live to take advantage of the credit. This offer may not be combined with any other offer or discount, separated, redeemed for cash, transferred, sold, or bartered. There is a minimum bid requirement of $0.05 per click through. Search listings are subject to editorial review. See Advertiser Terms and Conditions for more details at sign-up. Other terms and conditions may apply.

(1) comScore Explicit Core Search (custom), September 2013; the Yahoo Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo Core Search sites in the U.S.

Bing Ads is a service that provides pay per click advertising or search engine marketing on both the Bing and Yahoo search engines.

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