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Mist.io was part of Mozilla's WebFWD accelerator and has been selected as one of the top-12 European startups by the European Commission.


Mist.io helps you manage and monitor servers across clouds from any web device. It provides a unified management interface that supports the most popular public and private IaaS clouds. Setting up monitoring and alerting requires only a few seconds. Mist.io will keep an eye on your machines at all times, monitoring the standard usage statistics as well as custom application specific metrics. When an alert gets triggered it will notify those responsible and they will be able to fix most issues directly from their smartphones or tablets. For those annoying recurring problems you can just automate your response and configure to run a custom script whenever the issue appears.

  • Combine clouds: To optimize spending, security, availability and response times. Supports public, private and hybrid setups.
  • Control from anywhere: Send commands to your servers securely from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.
  • Monitor everything: Configure custom metrics, get actionable alerts and set automated responses.
  • Get the source: The core of mist.io is open source and available on github for on-premise setups tailored to your needs.

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