Battle of the sexes:

In the face of failure, 91% of women compared to 87% of men are likely to take a risk
87% of women consider themselves financial risk takers, compared to 73% of men.
Of the female executives surveyed, 69% were extremely interested in starting their own business, compared to only 29% of their male counterparts.
Only 42% of female entrepreneurs, compared to 62% of male entrepreneurs, are likely to claim that their businesses are prospering.

Female entrepreneurs are a good investment:

Companies with one or several women at the helm performed 63% better than all-male founding teams.

Successful female leaders share key personality traits:

68% of female leaders indicated they were motivated by a sense of purpose.
Female leaders are highly energized by variety.
Female leaders seek out difficult tasks.

Funding for female entrepreneurs is trending upwards:

Among the 100 top-performing VC firms, 38% had a female investing partner