.CO is the domain extension where big ideas belong on the web. Short, memorable and SEO- friendly -- it's no wonder that the hottest startups and most innovative companies in the world are choosing to "go.co" every day! Look through our latest assets, graphics, messaging and campaigns to make your websites, newsletters and email campaigns have energy and show your customers what .CO is all about. If you have any questions, please contact Partners(at)go.co. We are happy to help!

The .COM.CO domain remains an extremely valuable country level domain for anyone with interests in the country of Colombia. And with no documentation necessary to purchase a 3rd level domain, it represents a huge opportunity for registrars and their customers. It is important for all to clearly communicate the difference between the 2nd-level and 3rd-level domains. Therefore, at no time can the .CO corporate logo be used to promote the .COM.CO 3rd level domain. We’ve developed an alternate logo to be used for these marketing purposes.

You can now offer .CO domains to your registrants in their native languages with Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). With non-English alternatives to domain name registration, .CO continues to be globally relevant. With a majority of the world speaking non-English languages, .CO will continue to explore and add new IDN tables to its name space. Looking for the ability to offer a language not listed below? Please contact us to submit your suggestions and continue to check back often as we will update this site with additional information and IDN implementation timelines for .CO domain names.

Additional Information on Policies:

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